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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bila Tak Faham Niaga, Tak Faham Ekonomi, Tak Faham Apa Pun. . .

I was at my  'Islamic Car Mechanic'  today.  I have been going to the same guy for about 10 years now.  Lets call him Ah Sai.

When I asked Ah Sai to check out a slight vibration (engine mounting wearing out) he used his favorite words :  "Tak payah tukar sekarang. Enjin ok, kereta boleh jalan lagi. Lain kali servis nanti boleh tukar".   To me this type of honesty is Islamic.

We also talk economics and politics. Never question the street smarts of the ordinary business people - those who work hard at their trade, trying to make a decent  living. People like Ah Sai my car mechanic and myself included. 

Ah Sai says that business everywhere is bad, bad, bad. He reassures me, 'sekarang semua tempat susah, semua bisnes susah. Orang sudah tak ada duit.'

Meaning its not my fault if our business too is suffering.  

Ah Sai continued :

'Dalam Malaysia sekarang duit sudah kurang. Itu gomen ambil duit GST,  bawa banyak duit hantar overseas.  Bayar hutang, bayar 1MDB, bayar banyak duit overseas, dalam negeri duit sudah kurang. Orang tak ada duit.  Duit sudah habis.'. 

Ah Sai continues :  'Kalau gomen belanja itu duit dalam negeri, itu duit mesti pusing dalam Malaysia. Kita punya bisnes semua mesti jalan, mesti boleh untung. Itu duit semua mesti pusing masuk kita punya bisnes'.

This is exactly the point. The kleptocrats are sending out ship loads of money overseas. Hard earned capital, that belongs to the Malaysian taxpayer, is being shipped out to buy yachts, New York penthouses, paying 95% premium for useless investments in Eagle High, paying multiple times the market price for old buildings in Australia, spending hundreds of millions making pornographic movies in Hollywood, investing tax payers money in troubled property projects in UK, paying China RM55 billion for a railroad project, paying billions of taxpayers money to China for a 106 storey building that is going to be empty and numerous other stupid investments that take money out of the country.

The GLC dunggus, particularly those monkeys at Khazanah started this trend when they began "investing tax payers money" in stupid ventures overseas, many of which have since gone bad or are turning bad.  Airports and insurance investments in Turkey are not looking good at all. Erdogan has screwed them.

Use your own money or your grandfather's money. Leave the taxpayers money alone.

The dunggus say they get good returns on investments or ROI. 
How good is good? 5%? 10% ?

What is the point of taking out TEN BILLION RINGGIT  of taxpayers funds from the Malaysian economy and invest it in say Turkey just for a 10% (RM1 billion) return on investment?

You have sucked out TEN BILLION RINGGIT from the Malaysian economy. 

TEN BILLION RINGGIT from 30 million people, and you get only RM1 billion in financial returns for the benefit of a GLC with just a few employees?

And how many Malaysians get new jobs, employment opportunities from say RM10 BILLION worth of these investments overseas? 

1 job? 10 jobs ? 100 jobs?  For RM10 BILLION??

How many Malaysian suppliers, subcontractors, logistics suppliers, transport operators, food caterers, bus operators, electricians, plumbers, IT technicians, carpenters etc get subcontracts, spinoffs etc from all these BILLIONS of TAXPAYERS FUNDS invested overseas?  This is the EROI or Economic Return on Investment.  It is a much wider picture than just making 10% accounting profits.

  • But they are not making profits anyway. 
  •  Many of their overseas investments are in deep shit. 

That Eagle High is in deep shit. That Battersea property play in London is in deep shit. Those buildings bought in Australia are in deep shit.  The airport in Turkey is in deep shit. Those assets seized in New York and California are in deep shit. 5% return pun tak ada.

They have contracted with the Chinese from China for RM55 Billion.  They have to pay those IPIC guys tens of billions of Ringgit more. (What is the amount of the full settlement).

Do you know how dumb these GLC guys are?  
I recently ran into an ex Khazanah fellow who was overlooking MAS (ha ha ha). 

He is now into Bitcoin. This was just days before Bitcoin crashed.

I asked him, 'So what is the underlying basis for Bitcoin?'
His reply was, "They have a foolproof algorithm".

What the .. . .. And this guy is supposed to be a Cambridge graduate.

Err . . . can you tell me what is the identity of Bitcoin's "mysterious Nakamoto".  
Pun tak tahu.

Lets say ONLY RM10 BILLION from all those billions was invested inside Malaysia, imagine the spinoffs. The banks would have an extra RM10 billion flowing through the banking system. There will be less upward pressure on interest rates. 

More jobs would be created, new office buildings and factories would be occupied and producing products and services. Transport operators, food caterers, IT suppliers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, engineers etc would all be involved in handling RM10 BILLION worth of extra investments.  

This is what my car mechanic Ah Sai meant when he said  'itu duit akan pusing dalam negeri, kita semua dapat . .'

You can call this the EROI or Economic Return on Investment.  There is a return generated in the entire Malaysian economy.    

But the Fat Lady has not sung yet folks. There is a reason why Malaysian capital is being shipped overseas.

Its called corruption.

That plantation shares were bought at a 95% premium. Corruption.
Those buildings in Australia were bought two or three times market values. People have been arrested for corruption in that case.
The penthouses, yachts, porn movies - the US DOJ labelled it kleptocracy. Corruption case pending.

Its all because of corruption. The Malaysian taxpayer can go to hell.

Here is some outside the box thinking. 

A friend has suggested that to overcome this corruption and save the Malaysian taxpayer BILLIONS OF RINGGIT, we must amend the MACC Act.

The MACC Act must be amended to allow the Prime Minister and DPM  to give away free  up to a total amount of  RM50 million of  taxpayers money  within a period of FIVE years  with no questions asked,  to anyone they like.  

That adds up to RM100 million.  Or RM20 million per year. 

What do you think folks? Enough kah? 

Just buta money, plain hard cash. 
Give to anyone they like, including their wife or wives. 
No questions asked by the MACC.
Hopefully   then they dont have to invest RM10 Billion of TAXPAYERS' FUNDS, based on silly excuses that they can get an ROI of RM1 Billion ??

Just outside-the-box thinking.  
What do you think folks? 
Will it work? 
To help cut the corruption?

I Say Kaum DNA Bahalol : Dont Forget To Ban Fareed Zakaria's 'Club Of Doom" As Well

This is from the NST.

February 21, 2018 

THERE’s a lot to be optimistic about today
every part of the world, economies growing 
war, poverty and disease receding
But then there is the Middle East

Syria remains collapsed 
5 million people already fled
Yemen world’s worst famine
war there seems unlikely to end anytime 
Iraq barely recovered from civil war
now fighting between Turkey and American proxies
fire exchanged between Israel and Syria
US airstrikes killed Russian mercenaries in Syria
worrisome escalation for Cold War adversaries.

Trump administration largely disengaged
subcontracting foreign policy to Israel and Saudi Arabia
it’s not working

Iran often described as “more interested in being a cause than a country”.
this pre-mise is wrong

today’s instability result of 2003 American invasion of Iraq
overturned balance of power between Arabs and Iran 
allowing chaos to spread
Iran pursued national interests intensely
seeking influence in neighbourhood
did not spread Islamic fundamentalism
at forefront of fight against Sunni terrorist groups like Islamic State.

Iran’s strategy remarkably successful 
US Israel mostly fight from the skies

Turkey increasingly against American-backed Kurds 
possibility Turkey and US firing on each other

striking reality about Middle East these days is absence of Arabs
all non-Arab powers — Iranians, Turks, Russians, Israelis, Americans
determine who will shape Arab world

Iran trying to ratify status quo, largely because it has won
Its presence in Iraq and Syria now entrenched
ally Bashar al-Assad survived and consolidating power 

Saudi efforts to fight Iranian influence in Yemen, Lebanon and Qatar failed
Qatar closer to Iran and Turkey
rifts in Arab world continue to deepen

Russia aligned with Iran, Israel — emerged as outside balancer America once was Russia only power broker in Middle East that everyone talks to
not because Russia powerful, but because shrewd

Since 1973, Russians expelled from Middle East, US preeminent outside power.
losing that role through weariness, disengagement and refusal to accept realities 

different US approach — engaging with Iran, Turkey, Russia 
might return unique place in region 
create stable balance of power in world’s most volatile hot spot.

Fareed Zakaria is an American journalist and author. He is the host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS and writes a weekly column for ‘The Washington Post’

My comments : There is no hope for the Sunni and Shia countries. (I get allergic rashes if I use the word 'islamic'  too loosely - how do we know these countries are even islamic at all?)  Forget about the fighting, killing, burning, raping and their other sexual felonies and malfunctions. Forget about all that for a moment. 

Lets just look at their stupidity.   These folks are stupid.  

Stupid must be made a compulsory subject in all schools and universities in the shia and sunni countries. Because this seems to be their problem.

How do you teach 'Stupid' as a school subject?
How do you teach this subject?  Its super easy. 

Just read from old newspapers and old magazines which have recorded all the stupidities of these maligned and totally warped societies.  

My imaginary pet flying unicorn is better than your imaginary pet flying unicorn is a good beginning.

You can teach Case Study 1 -100 in six years of  Primary School.
Then Case Study 101 - 500 in five years of Secondary schooll.

Then further Case Studies at university level :  'The Stupidity of our Forefathers'.

Make it a learning subject in the schools. Hopefully then, Insya Allah, in about 500 years they will grow out of this stupidity.

Dear Braders, have you considered the possibility that what you lack are not oil resources, oil money, mineral resources  (gold, bauxite, tin, copper, uranium, coal etc), fisheries, vast agricultural land, rivers, oceans, beautiful mountains, even more beautiful beaches, plentiful manpower, sunshine and great weather. You already have all these.




Sekolah Kerajaan tak ada duit bayar api.

SK Methodist Petaling Jaya disrupted when TNB cut power 
unpaid electricity bill since September 2017 amounting to RM8,000.
power reconnected 1.30pm after school settled bills.


My comments :  Sekolah tahfiz yang illegal semua ada bayar duit api ke brader? You know, sekolah tahfiz illegal yang sekali sekala terbakar hangus sebab bebudak tahfiz pasang 10-20 double plug dalam satu bilik tidur?

How come TNB never cuts power to the illegal sekolah tahfiz? Nanti lepas pilihanraya kalau kerajaan baru ambil alih, bos TNB kena jawab tau.

Tapi pasal apa pula sekolah kebangsaan tak ada duit bayar api? Habis duit kerajaan semua pi mana?  

Country is breaking down. Kapalterbang Bomba (or airplane jabatan Bomba) is not flying. Tak ada duit spare parts dan duit minyak pun tak cukup.  Pegawai Forest Ranger Jabatan Perhilitan tak buat rondaan masuk hutan sebab tak ada duit disel untuk FWD.  Poacher Siam seronok lah, curi pokok gaharu.

Everything is breaking down.