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Friday, November 24, 2017

UPDATED : Saudi Begins Torturing Arrested Princes, Waleed Talal Hung Upside Down !!


Folks,  the games have begun in Saudi Arabia. Those arrested princes and ministers are still sleeping it off at the Ritz Carlton in Jeddah. I was wondering how long they will keep them there. Its already been three weeks. 

Well it looks like it will not be for much longer.

The Princes were made an offer - that they will be released if they handed over 70% of their wealth back to the govt of Saudi Arabia.  I dont think that worked very well. 

The news reports now (I have read two of the same reports) say that the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has begun torturing the detainees. Here is the news:


American private contractors carrying out 'interrogations' on princes 

members of Saudi elite hung by their feet and beaten source says
Among those hung upside down are Prince Alwaleed bin Talal
worth at least US$17b being held at Riyadh's Ritz Carlton
Arrests ordered three weeks ago by Mohammed bin Salman
mercenaries are from 'Blackwater', claim also made by Lebanese president

Americans who commit torture abroad can be jailed 20 years
princes, billionaires being strung up by feet and beaten by American contractors

country's most powerful figures arrested by Mohammed Bin Salman 3 weeks ago 
detention of 11 princes, hundreds of businessmen, government officials 

arrests followed by 'interrogations' carried out by 'American mercenaries' 

32-year-old crown prince now kingdom's most powerful figure.

beating them, torturing them, slapping them, insulting them. to break them down

'Blackwater' firm involved

Saudi crown prince has confiscated > $194b from bank accounts, assets of arrested

Alwaleed Talal hung upside to 'send a message' 

Dozens of princes, senior officials, businessmen, cabinet ministers, billionaires
detained in function room of Ritz Carlton
being subjected to torture by American mercenaries    

Prince Mohammed bypassed normal security forces
All guards are private security 

Salman is conducting some interrogations himself.

'When it's something big he asks them questions,' the source said.

speaks very nicely in interrogation, then leaves room
mercenaries go in. prisoners are slapped, insulted, hung up, tortured.'

crown prince desperate to assert authority through fear 

Saudi authorities order detained princes to pay billions to...

Hezbollah accuses Saudi Arabia of detaining Lebanese prime...

Saudi Arabia's Prince Al-Waleed 'puts two luxury Lebanese...

'Blackwater' providing mercenaries.

Ritz Carlton Riyadh guarded by Saudi forces but inside Blackwater

Lebanese President tweeted Saad Hariri detained in Riyadh by Blackwater guards

'Lebanese have information Blackwater guarding Hariri and family - not Saudi forces

Salman brought in 150 'Blackwater' guards.

Blackwater mercenaries arrived week after toppling of bin Nayef 

'They were around 150 fighters. Bin Salman sent some of them to secure bin Nayef's place of detention and the rest he used for his own protection.'

abuse claims raised recently in New York Times.

17 detainees needed medical treatment.

arrests carry authority of King Salman
but his son Prince Mohammed most powerful man 

Among arrested Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, Saudi King's nephew 
worth > $17bn owns stakes in Twitter, Lyft and Citigroup.

crown prince sent officers to arrest him 
2.45am all his guards disarmed, royal guards of MBS storm in

dragged from bedroom in pajamas, handcuffed, put in SUV, interrogated like criminal.

hung them upside down, just to send a message.

told them "we've made your charges public, world knows you've been arrested 

Salman 'behaving recklessly without consideration to consequences . .'


Updated comments :   Two Saudi princes have already been killed so far in this escapade by Mohamed Bin Salman.  King Fahd's son and former Crown Prince Muqren's son have been killed during this 'palace coup'.

Arresting not just 11 princes, a few billionaires and dozens of former Ministers - ALL of whom are blood relations or tribesmen aligned with the al Saud family -  but torturing them physically and confiscating their wealth - has stirred up a huge cauldron of camel dung in Saudi Arabia. This is head chopping revenge that is going to last at least another 50 years.

Prince Waleed Talal, the multi billionaire and also a scion of the royal family  has been hung upside down and tortured !! They have confiscated bank accounts with US194 billion CASH !!  Who gets all that money ??

A 32 year old punk kid is calling the shots over the most wealthiest, psychopathic and deranged monarchy in the world. There is no riding off into the sunset here. There is no happy retirement with grandkids and family. 

This is war. This is forever looking over your shoulder. Forever living behind walls and moats. Forever expecting that explosion or that bullet to fulfil its hatred.

Saudi Arabia is over. The tribes are already plotting revenge.